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Cloze Test

Fill in the below gaps with the best answer choice.
During a terrible naval battle between the English and the Dutch, the English (1),    commanded by Admiral Narborough, (2)    into the thickest of the fight. Two masts were soon shot away, and the mainmast (3)   with a fearful crash upon the deck. Admiral Narborough saw that all was lost unless he could bring up (4)   ships from the right. (5)   scrawling an order, he called for volunteers to (6)   across the boiling water, under the (7)   of shot and shell. A dozen sailors at once offered (8)   services, and among them a cabin boy. "Why," said the admiral, "what can you do, my fearless lad?" "I can swim, Sir," the boy replied; "if I be shot, I can be easier (9)   than anyone else." Narborough hesitated; his men were few, and his position desperate. The boy plunged into the sea, amid the cheers of the sailors, and was soon lost to sight. The battle (10)   fiercer, and, as the time went on, defeat seemed (11).    But, just as hope (12),    a thundering cannonade was heard from the right, and the reserves were seen bearing down upon the enemy. By sunset the Dutch fleet was scattered far and wide, and the cabin boy, the hero of the hour, (13)   in to receive the honor due to him. His bearing so won the heart of the old admiral that he (14),   "I shall live to see you have a flagship of your own." The prediction was fulfilled when the cabin-boy, having become Admiral Cloudesley Shovel, (15)  
 A) Residance
 B) Residence
 C) Resadence
 D) Resadance
 E) None of the above
 A) Leaneint
 B) Leneint
 C) Leanient
 D) Leneient
 E) Lenient


 A) Act
 B) Alt  
 C) Aster, astro
 D) Aqua
 E) Ann, enn


 A) Ann, enn
 B) Aqua
 C) Alt
 D) Aster, astro
 E) Act


 A) Apostrophe and semicolon
 B) Speech marks and apostrophe
 C) Apostrophe and hyphen
 D) Quotation marks and colon
 E) Semicolon and hyphen


 A) most
 B) least
 C) more
 D) mostest
 E) lesser


 A) less pale
 B) palest
 C) most palest
 D) more palest
 E) least pale


 A) To speak against
 B) To speak for
 C) Controversial
 D) Soothing
 E) Questionable
 A) Inject
 B) Absorb
 C) Remove
 D) Attract
 E) Repel


 A) Old
 B) Young
 C) Beautiful
 D) Male
 E) Female
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