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11+ Maths Standard Format Practice Test Paper 1

This practice test paper to help 10 to 12-year old students prepare for grammar and independent school examinations.  Each 11+ practice mathematics test is timed in order to prepare students for working under time pressure.  There are 12 unique non-calculator questions with subparts, and the answer sheet is included. Some of the questions in our papers are above the KS2 national curriculum standards. This practice test paper is in PDF format.

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R Reddy (14-01-2020)
 (5.0)  Verified Purchase
Helped my kid to solve difficult questions
Thanks for referring the Long maths test packs, they were really helpful. Questions were tricky and require the application of knowledge and helped my kid to solve difficult questions.
M Ali (18-11-2019)
 (5.0)  Verified Purchase
very useful for stage 2 exams
We bought the 11 plus guru maths standard papers . These papers really helped my son to do the sutton stage 2 exams
H Kalluri (07-11-2019)
 (5.0)  Verified Purchase
Excellent for maths revision
we found these helpful for revising the maths for all second round examinations. Every test has unique topics covered and very great to improve the kids revision, especially in the last month of preparation. I will recommend them to all my friends.