Free Online Spelling Bee

Age 5 to 11
Weekly Spelling Tests


To increase children's vocabulary
To improve children's spelling
To develop correct English usage
Online Spelling Bee Suitable for 11+ preparation
Suitable for 11+ preparation
Online Spelling Bee Online Exams
Online Exams
Online Spelling Bee Detailed Feedback
Detailed Feedback
Online Spelling Bee Progress Report
Progress Report
This spelling competition is aimed at children aged 5 to 11 and is divided into six levels based on school years. We will provide the spelling test results within 48 hours. The result will include the student's marks, the maximum and minimum marks, the standardised score, average and percentile.
Online Spelling Bee year 1
Year 1
Child's age - 5 to 6
Online Spelling Bee year 2
Year 2
Child's age - 6 to 7
Online Spelling Bee year 3
Year 3
Child's age - 7 to 8
Online Spelling Bee year 4
Year 4
Child's age - 8 to 9
Online Spelling Bee year 5
Year 5
Child's age - 9 to 10
Online Spelling Bee year 6
Year 6
Child's age - 10 to 11
Free Weekly 11 Plus Spelling Test
Online Spelling Bee challenge
Spelling is an important part of the 11 Plus exams because spelling is an integral part of a strong educational foundation. Not only is spelling an important element in education, but it may also be a strong indicator of possible future academic performance. In addition, spelling is a fundamental skill for effective communication. Therefore, we will be running free weekly spelling tests for Year 4 and Year 5 students. Our tutors will conduct the spelling test via Zoom and will explain the different spelling rules as well.
Book a free online spelling test for your child!
Date and Time
School year Date Time Action
Year 5 Every Thursday 17:30 to 17:50
Year 4 Every Thursday 18:45 to 19:05
Steps to do the online weekly spelling tests:
  • Book the spelling tests
  • Download and print the spelling lists to study and practice before each class
  • Attend the online Zoom class to do the test
  • Take a photo or scan your child’s written work
  • Upload the written spelling via the student dashboard
  • Results, with detailed feedback and recommendations, will be published within two days from the date of the upload.
Fill In the Blank
Book a fill in the blank test for your child!
Date and Time
Test name Subject Topic Time Price Action
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