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11 Plus (11+) Online Tests for Kent Grammar Schools - GL assessment


These mock exams have two sections, each lasting approximately 60 minutes, including an introduction and practice examples. The first section covers English and Mathematics, while the second section covers Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning. The Non-Verbal Reasoning part of the exam will be divided into short sections, which will be timed individually. These exams consist of multiple-choice questions.

The actual Kent test will include a writing exercise. Students will have 40 minutes for the writing task, including 10 minutes of planning time. This mock exam will not include the writing task.

Kent Grammar Schools Information :

Website : https://www.kent.gov.uk/education-and-children/schools/school-places/kent-test

Exam Board Type: GL Assessment

Kent Grammar Schools :

  • Barton Court Grammar School

  • Oakwood park Grammar School

  • Chatham House Grammar School

  • Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School

  • Borden Grammar School

  • Simon Langton Grammar School for Boys

  • Clarendon House Grammar School

  • Simon Langton Girls’ Grammar School

  • Dane Court Grammar School

  • Sir Roger Manwood’s School

  • Dartford Grammar School for Girls

  • The Folkestone School for Girls

  • Dartford Grammar School

  • The Harvey Grammar School

  • Dover Grammar School for Boys

  • The Judd School

  • Dover Grammar School for Girls

  • The Norton Knatchbull School

  • Gravesend Grammar School

  • The Skinner’s School

  • Highsted Grammar School

  • Tonbridge School

  • Highworth Grammar School

  • Tunbridge Wells Girl’s Grammar School

  • Invicta Grammar School

  • Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Boys

  • Maidstone Grammar School for Girls

  • Weald of Kent Grammar School

  • Maidstone Grammar School

  • Wilmington Grammar School for Boys

  • Mayfield Grammar School

  • Wilmington Grammar School for Girls

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