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Read the following with your child:
1.  This demo test contains 8 questions and you will have 5 minutes to finish the test.
2.  The maximum marks awarded for this test are 8. Marks for each question are shown in brackets ().
3.  A timer at the top right corner of the screen will display the remaining time. The exam will end automatically once the timer shows zero seconds or you can submit your exam after finishing the exam.
4.  Work on the questions carefully and quickly. If you are unable to answer a question, do not waste time on it, instead go on to the next question. If you have time left, you can come back to any skipped questions.
5.  In case you are unsure of an answer, choose the one which you think is the most appropriate. You can change your answer any time during the exam by coming back to the question.
6.  A question palette is given at the right of the screen. It shows the status for each question, using one the following:
     Answered      Not Visited
     Not Answered       Follow up
7.  Please keep blank papers for rough work, pencils and erasers with you.
8.  You are NOT allowed to use books, calculators, mobile phones or smart watches.
  The computer provided to me is in proper working condition. I have read and understand the instructions given above.
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